MTL ZOO Artist of the Day #6: Labrona

The countdown to MTL ZOO‘s next show continues on Elementality with our 6th featured artist: Labrona!

In case you’re just tuning in now, we’re counting down the days to the 1-year anniversary show by Montreal’s wildest group of artists MTL ZOO. Over 40 artists from disciplines as varied as graffiti, installation, painting, and illustration take over the Agora gallery at the Cégep du Vieux Montreal this October 1st.


Labrona is a Montreal-based painter who is equally at home painting on the side of a rail car as he is on a wall or canvas. His portraits are distinguished by their direct gaze, establishing an emotional connection with the viewer which might seem off-putting at first. Ultimately, his portraits invite detailed exploration of their facial and physical characteristics, giving a sense of the individual consciousness that resides inside each figure.

Labrona painted a mural inspired by Sun imagery and fiery colour palettes for the inaugural 2013 edition of the MURAL public art festival, and is currently painting a mural at Jarry metro in conjunction with MU. He also currently exhibits at Station 16 gallery, and is on the cover of the latest issue of Decover magazine.

To learn more about Labrona, check out his website, and to keep up-to-date with MTL ZOO, check out their Facebook page. 

Here’s some work by Labrona, starting with his MURAL piece!



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