Hip Hop Artist Daybi Takes You Through Kanahwake [Short Film]

Though the Kanahwake Mohawk Reserve is situated only 20 minutes away from downtown Montreal, most Quebeckers have little knowledge of the Mohawk community’s traditions, history, and lifestyle. Eschewing stereotypical references to casinos, contraband cigarettes, and the politically charged debates over land rights which led to the infamous Oka Crisis of 1990, Montreal director and producer Mathieu Favreau offers a glimpse into life on the reserve in his latest short film. As his lens follows Winnipeg-born hip hop artist Daybi, who explains how the evolution of his career and the life choices he made brought him to Kanahwake, we see the reserve in a way that is rarely portrayed by mainstream media. Instead, we are shown a quiet, tightly-knit community that is close enough to the city for Daybi to pursue his artistic ambitions, while providing a safe environment for his 12-year-old son.

The short film is appropriately called “Home”:

Download previous releases by Daybi for free here: http://www.daybi.us/?page_id=2895



Featuring Daybi and Tekaronhiawakon Cross-Pranteau

Production, direction, cinematography and editing | Mathieu Favreau

Car | GMC Terrain SUV

Camera Rental |Lou-Cam (SONY FS7 and RED)

Catering | Subway Sandwiches

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