K-Os Comes Back With Rock-Rap Double Album + Montréal Tour Date

[O]ne of Canada’s boldest, most eclectic musicians, K-Os recently released a double album consisting of rap and rock tunes. “BLack on BLonde” is a homage to two artists who aren’t usually mentioned in the same sentence: Mos Def (Black on Both Sides) and Bob Dylan (Blonde on Blonde). The title mocks the cliché of interracial relationships and encapsulates the nature of the album that blends music that caters to both black and white audiences. It reflects his duality as an artist who has never fully engaged into one aesthetic, instead opting for a strange marriage between Hip-Hop and Indie music.

He will be performing in Montréal for the first time since 2011 on April 3rd at Corona Theatre (tickets here).

kos releases black on blonde double album

Kevin Brereton aka k-os, Canadian rapper, producer, singer and songwriter (Photo Credit: Moe Doiron /The Globe and Mail)

The 20-track album defies traditional marketing rules as it has the potential to alienate half of his audience: the old school Hip-Hop heads that have been following his progression since day one, and the indie crowd that later embraced him after he took a more experimental approach.

The album was recorded at Canadian actor Hayden Christensen’s mansion in LA, a new creative environment for the Whitby, Ontario rapper. Christensen, who is also a musician, is known for playing young Darth Vader in the Star Wars prequels. BLack on BLonde is thematically centered around a relationship and its ups and downs.

Since his first release Exit, which was supposed to be his final good-bye to the rap game, over 10 years ago, he’s been struggling with a record industry that has pushed him to make “blacker” music.

He said in a statement: “Like Bob Dylan I felt trapped by my birth into the music industry as a hippy or folk hip hop singer, I’m kind of over that feeling, you know?  It’s time to go electric and a song like ‘NYCE 2 KNOW YA’ is a celebration of that.”

What he calls  “going electric”, in reference to Bob Dylan’s shocking display of artistic independance, others may simply call “selling out”. The few radio-friendly singalongs on the BLack album strongly contrast with his “fuck you” message to the industry and clearly show that though his album is aiming at making something different, it is still a product to be consumed by the masses.

The video for his radio-friendly song NYCE 2 KNOW YA just came out this week end:


“The Dog Is Mine” is the previous video recorded which showcases his rock-and-roll sound from the BLonde album. Those who have followed his evolution on his 4 previous records will recognized his signature vocal style:

His lead track Like A Comet (we rollin’) schools rappers with a hard thumping beat and some serious flows before bringing the final blow with a chorus sung by 80’s crooner Corey Hart. The album also features appearances by Black Thought (The Roots), Emily Haines (Metric),, Sebastien Grainger (Death from Above 1979), Travie McCoy from Gym Class Heroes and Montréal rocker Sam Roberts, an artist K-Os considers as his mentor.

Artistic integrity is a balancing act where conflicting interests converge to create art that is sometimes uncomprimising, sometimes contradictory. Though pop, rap and rock fans will all find something to their liking on this album, it is unlikely that anyone will be entirely satisfied with the project.

This new effort shows how uncompatible commercial and artistic aspirations can be, specially for a dedicated artist like K-Os who has been an outspoken critic of the industry pulling his strings.

The album is available on Itunes.


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    Creative integrity is a balancing act just where conflicting interests converge to create design that is sometimes uncomprimising, at times contradictory. Though pop music, hip-hop and also stone fans can all of the find an activity for their liking upon this record, it is unlikely that any person is completely satisfied with the project.
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  2. abhinash swin says:

    Imaginative stability is a balancing operate in which conflicting interests converge to create art which is occasionally uncomprimising, sometimes contrary. Though pop, hip-hop and additionally stone fans can every discover something for their liking on top of this record, it is extremely unlikely that anybody are going to be completely pleased with the show.
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