J.O The Corrupted – Corrupted World Solution [Mixtape]

As the seasons fade and the winter kills all life around, artists tune themselves creatively with the life cycle. This is the perfect backdrop for reflective, serious music. No more party & bullshit.

J.O the Corrupted is one of the main emerging voices from Montréal’s new rap scene who has drawn inspiration from the state of human decay.The cold streets of Montréal in the winter are reflected in his crafty lyrics about making it rain while the whole world crumbles.

With Corrupted World Solution, his debut mixtape, J.O establishes his vision of moral decay as an incessant slippery slope with no end in sight.

Eleven tracks, with productions from a wide variety of quality producers coming from all over the globe. The only vocal collabo is with Fiend 4 Da Money (New Orleans). Montréal rising star High Klassified laced up the excellent “Power OFF”, and there are productions from all over the world: LITEWRKS ( Toronto), Nascent ( Chicago), CHVLLY ( Ukraine), Hannibal King (New York), Ski Beatz (New Jersey), SPACE GANG ( Los Angeles ) and frequent collaborator PRINC€ (Paris).

The magnificent art work on the album cover and website was designed by American anime artist Roman Kidd.


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3 Responses to “J.O The Corrupted – Corrupted World Solution [Mixtape]”
  1. Alex Dilem says:

    Le art-work style bande-dessinée est fuckin nice !

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