Clams Casino Makes Beat Live On Youtube For Two Straight Days

Up-and-coming New Jersey producer Clams Casino is known for beautiful musical textures he creates by pushing buttons on a computer. Now he teamed up with HP with an exciting creative project called “2Days Beat” with vocalist Vic Mensa.

“2Days Beat” is an interactive live video studio session where Clams  rips apart a bunch of samples and synthetic sounds to create a live beat with Fruity Loops, an audio production setup and a vocal booth. The video is streamed on Youtube and the comments will help shape whatever comes next.

This is HP’s most recent publicity stunt to promote HP’s new Split x 2 Laptop/Tablet device. The event started yesterday and will carry on today from 3 pm to 6 pm EST.

Follow the #mixingbeats hashtag for more updates!

Clams Casino’s Soundcloud:

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