This Week-End : Hip Hop You Don’t Stop / Girlz & Hip Hop / Elementakiza 2014

Elementality, in collaboration with Prevention CDN-NDG, is proud to present the 9th edition of Hip Hop You Don’t Stop – Urban Arts Festival , which will be held on Friday September 19th and Saturday September 20th.

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Every month of September marks a special time for our team. This is when we starting meeting up and sharing our love for Hip Hop culture. When I first met the crew, we really didn’t think it would go this far. Three years later, we still are the one and only trilingual reference for Hip Hop culture in America – and one of the only media sources in Montreal to give extensive coverage to a diverse array of artists who bear their heart and soul into what they do.Elementakiza crowd

We’ve built a great relationship with grassroots community organisation Prevention Côte-des-Neiges Notre-Dame-de-Grâce. This partnership has given us the opportunity to put forth a larger scale annual event that showcases the best this city has to offer in Hip Hop, whether it’s rappers, DJs, b-boys, b-girls, graffiti artists and now…barbers! Last year’s impromptu barbershop was such a success we have decided to organize a battle with a $100 prize ! That means we need as many heads as possible.

For this 9th edition of Hip Hop You Don’t Stop, we’ve got a sick lineup of local acts: Eman x Vlooper, Alaiz, Banx & Ranx, Markito and many more! DJ Benny Lava and DJ Fat Sak will be on the ones and twos, and dancers will also boogie down to funk band Feel Family‘s contagious grooves. We’ll have 4 on 4 b-boy/b-girl battles with some of the best dancers in the city ($500 prize), a competition for graffiti on trucks curated by our friends at MTL ZOO ($300 in gifts at Sub-V) and the barbershop battle, with a $100 prize for the barber with the most impressive razors and scissors game.

On Friday evening, Maison de la Culture de Côte-des-Neiges (5290 Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges) is the place to be, with Girlz N’ Hip Hop, an evening centered on the contribution of women in our movement. There will be documentaries, discussions and musical performances by female Hip Hop trio Strange Froots, who are launching their debut EP, Malika Tirolien, who recently released excellent Carribean jazz album Sur la Voie Ensoleillée, Nomadic Massive’s IamBlackGirl (Tali) and many more. RSVP right here.

After launching the blog in 2012, we started getting more active in the scene, organizing local rap showcases and reaching out to local artists. Then we had a great idea – to make an event that would gather everybody, including your favourite aunts, uncles and grandparents, in a big park jam at Angrignon. We also absolutely wanted tacos, the real kind, and Cesar Arpaiz, an amazing Mexican chef, was our hookup. Elementakiza, as we called it, was so successful we had to do it again in a more official manner. In September 2013, linked up with Prévention CDN-NDG, a community organization based in the neighborhood where Elementality has most of its roots, and we started building with them to merge our event within the urban arts festival Hip Hop You Don’t Stop, a classic gathering for Hip Hop culture in Montreal. This joint venture gathered approximately 800 people at NDG Park – commonly known as Girouard, on the corner of Sherbrooke and Girouard – with graffiti on trucks, breakdance and poppin’ competitions, live DJ sets and musical performances by Agua Negra, Heavy Soundz, K6A, Ceas Rock and the Shadow Hunters. It was so much fun for us to see all of our community chill in the park for a full day and enjoy what we enjoy the most – quality artistic expressions.

Here’s a recap video for last year’s edition:


Eman x  Vlooper just dropped one of the most (in)credible albums in Quebec Hip Hop this year. XXL is an album you can’t listen to in bits and pieces, as it’s a musical and lyrical eleven-course meal. Eman touches a range of issues but seams to always come back to one basic theme: stacking paper. He stacks so much paper, he’s always got a full recycle bin. The “rap queb GOD” is hitting the hammer on its head by depicting a scathing portrait of modern capitalism. Given his crisp and effective delivery, laced over ultra-modern productions, it’s hard to figure that we’re dealing with a social critique. Vlooper’s beat game is on point as much as ever, bringing a futuristic sound to classic boom-bap and soul productions. Being one half of Accrophone, Eman had to take a step back in Alaclair Ensemble, where his voice wasn’t heard as much. So when the rap veteran released first EP E.M.M.A.N.U.E.L., also produced by Vlooper, there was much excitement in the air. Now we know our fears were founded, he’s always been one of the most dangerous emcees in the French language:

Banx & Ranx (Soké & KNY Factory). Banx & Ranx is a rare gem in a city like Montréal. They remain one of the city’s hidden secrets. The duo combines Soké’s vocal prowess with his own and KNY Factory’s acumen for taking catchy reggae classics, and turning them into modern bass music bangers. Mixing the samples with hard-hitting drum sounds, electronic synths with massive massive drops and wobbly basslines, the duo’s explosive perfromances make them a hard act to follow. Listen to their remixes of Sizzla, Barrington Levy and Capleton songs:


Markito/MRK/Mr Hoodz. Guatemalan born Montreal rapper Markito has been in the game for quite some time now – and he keeps killing it. Though he’s not one of the most popular names in the Latin American rap circuit, he has left his mark on the scene thanks to his intricate lyricism and precise mathematical flows. Markito is an artist’s artist. His unique brand of socially conscious street poetry is both inspiring and thought provoking.

He often collaborates with Bobby Dreadd, Cordova, Solares, Magnifico, Chele and Boogat, and many more.


If you heard of Kaytranada or High Klassified, you know how far the beatmaking scene has gone these past years. They are both part of the ALAIZ collective, which is partly responsible for making people understand that the producer just as important as the rapper in the music making process. Da-P (Soulection), J.U.D., Louie P (The Celestics), Dr. MaD, Green Hypnotic,Rami B, Nox, and others who gravitate around the Montreal crew have made their mark these past few years and helped change the game, fast-forwarding Montreal’s urban music scene into the future present.

We’ve gone a long way since our first chillings in NDG park. Now we’re a major part of an annual festival that showcases some of the talent that is growing in our city. We’re really proud of Montreal and the amazing people who keep inspiring us every day – and this is how we say THANK YOU!

Mark your calendars for September 19th and 20th. Click on the flyer to confirm your presence at the last outdoor Hip Hop jam of the summer!

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