Hip Hop You Don’t Stop / Elementakiza Photo Recap

Now THAT was intense! This past week end really showed us that the core principles upheld by Hip Hop culture are still going strong in the Côte-des-Neiges and Notre-Dame-de-Grâce communities. Girlz N’ Hip Hop and Elementakiza , two events that were held as part of Hip Hop You Don’t Stop Urban Arts Festival, were both major successes for different reasons, and we are really happy we got to share our passion for Culture, Music & Soul with people from all ages, genders and origins. We are still high off the buzz that you get when you mix urban arts, delicious food, great people, and a common goal, which is to have a great time and learn from each other.

For Elementality, this was an experience that allowed us to grow as a team and as individuals. We took all of the great things from last year’s event, and made them even better. We gathered feedback from previous editions of Elementakiza and did our best to avoid any mistakes or hiccups. Now we could say we have found the perfect recipe for incredible gourmet authentic tacos, and a great formula to blend everything we love about Hip Hop and our city.

Some people were wondering what Hip Hop has to do with tacos. It’s a fair question. In the words of our chef César Arpaiz:

“Tacos are the ultimate North American street food dish. Hip Hop is the culture of the streets. Both should always come hand in hand.”

It’s also a great way to attract foodies who might not know much about grassroots Hip Hop but inevitably interact with our community and thus come back home with a full stomach and a grasp of what Hip Hop means.

A special shout out goes to Prévention CDN-NDG, without whom this couldn’t have been possible, and our team of dedicated volunteers at Elementality, who helped promote the event and worked hard to provide tacos to the hungry people who stood in line all day.

The Winners

We encourage local talent by giving prizes to the best competitors in each discipline. This year’s edition had a B-Boy/B-Girl battle (4 vs 4), a graffiti battle over trucks and a barber shop battle.

B-Boyin’/B-Girlin’ Battle 1st place: The Great White Sharks (B-Boy City, B-Boy Samsung, B-Boy Kinx & B-Boy Impact)

B-Boyin’/B-Girlin’ Battle 2nd place: Sweet Technique (B-Boy Fléau, B-Boy Promo, B-Boy Freezy)

Graffiti battle winners ($300 of prizes at Sub-V) : Axe, Jaber & Tchug

Barbershop battle: The Red Chair. A special mention goes to Boey Cutt (Les Marchands de Fraîcheur) and Carl (Clipper Cutz) who made it a very tough call for judge Davis Da Barber.

For those who couldn’t make it, or in case you’re already nostalgic, our photographer Quinn Michelin captured some great moments on camera. Stay tuned for our recap video directed by Jean-Sebastien Francoeur.

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Take a look at Movetreal‘s video recap of the B-boy/B-girl Battles:

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