HR3’s Hansford Rowe Jazzes Up Latin Soul Nights Vol. 1 (INTERVIEW)

Legendary American bassist Hansford Rowe’s instrumental jazz band HR3 has been holding it down for Jazz-Hop enthusiasts, combining their technical improvisational style with Alquimia Verbal´s raw Latin Hip-Hop energy. This Thursday (Oct. 18th), HR3’s romance with Hip-Hop reaches a boiling point with Latin Soul Nights Vol. 1, Elementality’s first installment of an event we hope becomes a staple in Montréal’s musical scene, where you can enjoy quality local Hip-Hop with a focus on musicality and soul. Here’s Elementality’s exclusive interview with Hansford Rowe where he explains how this collaboration came to fruition.

hansford rowe

E: You started HR3 with talented young musicians Max Lazich (drums) and Julien Sandiford (guitar), however you worked with some of the most experienced jazz musicians around the world. What compelled you to work with two twenty year-olds?

HR: I met Julien and Max by chance and good luck it was as they are both great musicians. As for their age, it is good to mix things up; experience and youthful vigor.

E: Recently HR3 started working with “Super Barrio Brothers” Alquimia Verbal ( How is your experience working with a Hip-Hop act?

HR: I love the Latino Hip-Hop scene in Montreal and Alquimia Verbal has a lot of funky tunes, plus they are totally cool free-stylin’. Good music is good music and Yos-B and Grifos are artists.

E: Have Jazz and Hip-Hop always been connected for you?

HR: The community that Elementality represents is full of enthusiasm! Any kind of musical “fusion” is fun, especially Hip-Hop and Jazz! Jazz is about improvising, taking risks in real-time. You need insouciance as much as knowledge. We practice a lot so that when we go into new territory musically we can adapt. I think of it like a Navy Seals team. They do a lot training but when they hit the beach they must improvise.

E: For this edition, are you backing other bands than Alquimia Verbal?

HR: HR3 will also do a tune with violinist Siham Naim for this show.

E: What projects does HR3 have in store in the near future?

HR: Next for HR3 is our first record (with Denis Savage at Piccolo Studios). You can stay up to date at HR3’s page and my own musician page on Facebook. Hope to see you all on Thursday at Cabaret Underworld!


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