Green Hypnotic – Motivation/Last Supper [Video]

The Alaiz crew have been serving up huge portions of work lately, and if you haven’t tasted any of the marvelous shit they’ve been cooking you must be sleeping under a rock in Uzbekistan.

Member of Coast Records, along with fellow rappers Chibi, C’nee and producer High-Klassified, Prince Green gives us a double-dip of flavor with this new two-for-one music video, both produced by Da-P.

The first serving comes in the form of an ambitious ode to the grind and hustle, aptly titled Motivation. He has definitely mastered this chamber and his work ethic shines clear through this inspiring jewel of a track. I can personally attest that if you are in need of some drive and determination, stick this on repeat and I guarantee you will get through your hard day’s work!

And once it pays off, what better than a Last Supper with the fam to remind you that love and loyalty is the real reward in life. In perfect juxtaposition with the previous track, Green gives us an honest and heartfelt prose in gratitude to those that helped him come up in the game. When you got a real team like that with you, ya gotta break bread with those that matter, word life.

Another fantastic addition to the 5 star menu that our local scene has been putting out. This year is gonna be big for Green Hypnotic, be sure to follow him on Facebook so you dont miss any of the action!

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