Graffiti Mini Doc “Grifters Code 2: What Crisis?” (Athens)

The Grifters have been following graffiti writers in Paris for their first web episode and now just released a second episode in Athens/Thessaloniki, Greece, exploring contrasts, in color and in class. The mini-documentary “What Crisis?” takes you behind the scenes in Athens’ underground train spots. The footage is pretty underground, and the music may not be cleared for copyrights, so there has been reports of a crackdown on search engines in some countries like Belgium, UK and allegedly, Canada. We still have the links though, and you can rip them if you think it’s going to get pulled off the web.

Grifters Code 2: What Crisis? from Teh Grifters on Vimeo.

Grifters Episode 1: Peach ALTGR PAL – Paris

The Grifters 2.0

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