Ella Grave and Lakoche Deliver a Hard Blow on Spanglish Single “Golpe” [Video]

After well over 10 years in the music scene, as an artist and label exec, Beaux Dégâts host Ella Grave drops a dark, voluptuous first single off her upcoming “The Girlfriend Experience” EP featuring a Spanish verse from frequent collaborator Lakoche (Uruguay/Montreal).

The bass-driven “Golpe” (Spanish for “Punch”) beat was produced by Ella Grave herself. She recently hooked up with Mickey Boston and former bandmate Regimental Oneton, who helped her bridge the gap with CUTV and director Nestor Narvaez, who’s behind this dope video production.

CUTV’s “Ghetto Blaster” making of video has some interesting insider footage:

This in-depth interview by MTL Blog gives some more context on Ella’s trajectory in the music scene.


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