Elementality’s Most Popular Posts of 2013

It has been a great year for Elementality. We got the chance to meet and work with a whole bunch of really cool people from Montréal and all over the map ! We reached our biggest milestone yet: Elementakiza/Hip Hop You Don’t Stop 2013, a taco BBQ & Hip Hop event at Girouard Park. We also did a few showcases, our podcasts became actual radio shows on CKUT (90.3 FM) and Radio Centre Ville (102.3 FM) promoting local and Latin Hip Hop, and this blog really started gaining traction and recognition as a quality reference in Hip Hop. Though one of our founders, Danidan, just moved back to Colombia, the fam keeps on growing and building. For 2014, our only wish is to take it to the next level !

On that note, we hope you enjoy the Holidays and have a very Jolly Blog Recap Season !

Here our most popular gems from this year – divided between English, French and Spanish content:


1. Lazylegz shares his inspiring story on The Ellen DeGeneres Show:

Lazy Legz Ellen

2. Stare Recap:


3. Scaner Recap:

scaner graffiti

4. Montréal Popper Green Teck Wins Juste Debout Competition:

ness & greenteck


1. Manu Militari s’en prend au mouvement étudiant (Pas Down):

manu militari


2. Accomodement raisonnable: Les Anticipateurs – Le Quart Du Criss (Video)

Le quart du criss


3. Dead Obies – Montréal $ud (Video)


4. Mocy ft. Souldia, Saye & Frank Nino – Vérité Hostile (Video)



1. Mr. More & Big Killa – Da Conflict 2 (Album)


2. Hispana – Mamba Negra


3. Agua Negra – Volvi/Desde el Barrio

agua negra volvi

4. Apache y Canserbero – Apa y Can



  2014, I see you!

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