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Monk-E – Beyond (Promo Video)

Over the past few months, we have been blessed to work with Monk.e, documenting some of his visual art work, and learning from his experiences all over the world as he builds new links with the global Hip-Hop and graff community. As a multi-talented local artist who has made a name for himself in the art establishment while remaining loyal to his Hip-Hop roots, we have much to learn from this graffiti writer, street artist, rapper and End of the Weak Canadian freestyle champ.

What has always striked us is how he is able to adapt formats to fit his message of spiritual emancipation, whether it is in song, free verse or visual art. His skillful adaptation of spirituality to music is impressively displayed in Beyond, a promo video with a verse that was originally recorded with CeasRock, Destin and Beyond.

Elementality representative Yos-B (Alquimia Verbal) shot this promo vid for Monk-e’s album with Kenlo “Destin et Beyond”. Mark your calendars for the album launch, on October 11th in Quebec City at L’Agitée and on October 18th in Montreal, at Bobards. More information is available on his web site (


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