D-Sisive (aka Derek Christoff) : Asian Elvis Mixtape


Derek Christoff, Aka D-sisive, keeps on breaking the mold with his storytelling abilities. The Torontonian MC known for his unorthodox approach to writing, just this week released Asian Elvis, as a homage to everyone doing what they love while being judged by the outside world as usurpors. The conartists whose passion rival the original. The dudes who sing to the top of their lungs: “I’m Reft, You’re Light, She’s Gone”.

Thirty-five years after the King saw his last days in Graceland, his impersonators never cease to impress in their zeal to imitate the legend. In this album, D-sisive clearly emulates the feeling of grandeur, as he rants about drugs, depression, his own arrogance and the stains left by a rotten music scene. Its re-listening value is rare for a mixtape, as thousands are mass-produced every day over DatPiff to grab that last bit of attention you didn’t wear out playing Angry Birds.

The only track produced by his crew the Desolate Collective is ‘Room 69’, laid down by Muneshine, who also dropped some vocals on the joint. The 15 other tracks use instrumentals from an impressive variety of sources like Asap Rocky, Beirut, Kendrick Lamar and yes, Coldplay. He’s just hoping you don’t call their lawyers.

The album is up on Bandcamp for free download.

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