Defective Collective Crew Takes on Comic Con Montreal

Since The Last Emperor’s “Secret Wars”, few have done so much to bring rap fans and comic-book geeks together. With the release of their new album and an upcoming performance at Comic Con in September, the Defective Collective Crew are having a great month. In late July, they released their second album “Fool Proof” which features collaborations with Orphan, Clarity, Mille Rosado & BuDz, and many more. The 15-track album is a festival of boom bap, spacey textures and not-so-serious critical analysis. “Fool Proof” is entirely produced by D-inventa (except for one track) and was mixed and mastered by Mr. Debauch.

Though bookworm. and Mogli da Foul Child are the main members of the DCC, they have an inclusive approach to making music and what they consider their “crew”.

“We consider anyone who we work with to be a part of what we do”, says bookworm. aka Jeremy Dobski, who is also behind the “Punchlines” rap and comedy event and the Laughmatic Podcasts.

Now they are set to perform at Comic Con on September 14th. If you would like to purchase a hardcopy of “Fool Proof”, that is your chance. More info on the DCC’s upcoming performance at this year’s Comic Con here.

Listen to the album on Bandcamp:

Take a look at the video for “Dino Steps“:

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