Defective Collective Crew (bookworm. & Mogli The Foulchild) Video Interview

There is a definitely fine line between rap and comedy. Rappers can also produce laughs in many different ways, whether it’s intentionnal or not. You can find plenty of rap with comedic value on Youtube. There’s also a roster of artists that uses stand up comedy and rap as an outlet to express their views. bookworm. and the Defective Collective Crew have been putting it down in Montréal and Toronto, with the live Stand-Up Comedy/rap show “Ain’t Nothin’ but Punchlines”. It has become a regular stop for wide audiences  looking for some fun and dirty comedy. Artists such as Clarity, Tyco (Epic Meal Time), Budz, CL from Murderface and the DCC have kept it going while bringing much more than punchlines. Our reporter Matt P. had the chance to interview Bookworm and Mogli The Foulchild from the DCC with Redgy Films behind the camera.


Be on the lookout for the next Punchlines event, coming up this Spring, and the Defective Collective Crew album :


Twitter: @bookwormdgc

Facebook page for The Defective Collective Crew

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