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DZO The Collegian Releases The Platform Mixtape [Interview]

D.Z.O. aka Orphan just dropped “The Platform”, a 12-track mixtape produced by Make Way Studios that can be downloaded for free. We chilled with the South Shore, Montréal rapper, and talked about his new project.


dzo platform



E: Which artists would you say influenced you most as you wrote and recorded The Platform?

DZO: I don’t really focus on particular artists, as much as I look for certain types of instrumentals or approaches to the music. But if I were to pick 3 artists, I would probably pick Jay-z, Kendrick Lamar and Nipsey Hussle.

E: Is The Platform metaphorically a stepping stone for your future projects? What’s in store for D.Z.O. in the future?

DZO: This is definitely a metaphor suggesting that me and the people I work with, whether it’s Make Way Studios and REDGYFilms, are really looking to make a statement in the coming year, and that this release is just a beginning, a platform.

E: Who did you work with on this project and which artists are you interested in working with in the future?

DZO: I kept my collabs at a low level because I really wanted to establish myself first and foremost, and get people and fans to know me. I collaborated with Charly Converse a.k.a Se7en on the first track of the tape and was real happy with what he brought to the track. Matt Baker Beats and Onesixx Beats are two producers that I fucked wth on this project. Budz from Make Way (PSC) recorded and mixed the whole project and he was really easy to work with. Concerning the future, I’d be open to work with anyone I think is nice on the mic, or singers I think could bring the vibe I’m looking for.

E: By releasing your mixtape on Hot New Hip Hop, are you targeting a more American rap fan base?

DZO: I’m targeting cash and bigger audiences. HNHH is hot right not so that’s where you find us, Makeway Studios and I are working hard to make good music coming out of Montreal and to get our deserved recognition.

E: Where can people see you live in the upcoming weeks?

DZO: I will be performing at l’Alizé in Montreal on January 25th, people can contact me through Facebook for  tickets. All the information on upcoming shows and music is also available on the Facebook Fan page so go take a look!


Enjoy/download/share the mixtape:

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