Copyright Criminals (2009) [Documentality]

One thing is for certain, and George Clinton said it : ” Funk music is the DNA of Hip Hop”. What would Hip Hop music be without samples that patch up sounds from different sources to create something completely new?

For our fourth chapter of Documentality, Elementality presents “Copyright Criminals”, a doc that explains the debate and conflict around the sampling phenomenon. Directed by Benjamin Franzen and Kewbrew McLeod, Copyright Criminals demonstrates sampling’s commercial and creative analysis.

When and how did sampling become the most important instrument for music producers?

When did it start being considered as a legal infringement and why?

Should Disney be considered as a copyright criminal for the ‘‘sampling”  of different tales from around the world?

What would’ve be the Grey Album’s success if it wouldn’t been taken out of the market for Copyright infringement?

These are examples of questions that Copyright Criminals helps answer.

There are many compelling interviews with outspoken musicians, artists and representatives of the music industry from the 70’s to present.

Dj Qbert – Pete Rock – Aesop Rock – George Clinton – Chuck D – Clyde Stubblefield – Sage Francis – El-P – Pam the Funskstress –  Humpty Hump –  Miho Hatori – Robert Garcia (Rock Steady Crew) – Mr.Len – Prefuse 73 –  Hank Shocklee –  Saul Williams and more!

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