Clarity – Just Calm Down (ft. Maia Leia) [Audio]

After hearing this song a few times at Clarity‘s highly energetic shows, he’s now released a free download version on Bandcamp for Just Calm Down which features vocals from Maia Leia on the chorus.

This is one of the oldest rappers in the young generation – dude has been sneaking into bars and rapping since age 11. He now sports a green mohawk and performs with a live band, with a typically 90s palette of influences ranging from Eminem to Sublime and Rancid. He definitely doesn’t fit into your usual rapper mould,but he delivers clever lyricism and theatrical antics with very little inhibitions.

Clarity has a full album currently in the making, which we hope to hear soon.

Last year, he released a very odd Valentine’s Day love song called I love you [insert name here]: 

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