Clarity Goes In on Good Days Bad Days [Album]

Myer Clarity keeps going hard with his visceral verses full of wordplay and metaphors, fuelling some early Slim Shady comparisons. Good Days Bad Days is an album that truly shows how much of his heart goes into his music. This one’s definitely worth a listen. He’s able to pull off intense flows while packing ridiculous punchlines about being broke and putting it all on the line for the music.

Clarity‘s been at it for about 10 years now, which makes him one of the youngest and most promising Canadian rap artists. I’ve seen him tear stages apart at open mics since age 17, and he’s gathered a lot of stage experience  since. Moving to Toronto this year was a big step for the NDG-raised emcee to reach a larger audience.

There’s a long list of features in this project, including names like Cee, SRH & Les Va-Nu-Pieds, to name a few. It’s a sign that he’s grown and met incredible people along the way.

Listen to Good Days Bad Days right here:

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