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Cee & Dr. MaD – Steps to the Peak EP

Australian group The Movement Fam’s members recently moved to Canada with ambitions of making great music for a crowd that could appreciate their quality soulful Hip Hop.

While his brother Notion moved to the dot, Cee chose Montréal as the home base for his versatile lyricism. He doesn’t seem to regret the decision, working with beatsmith Dr. MaD to create jazz-hop classics that are literally love songs to our great city. On “When The Chips Are Down“, their first video off the project, he addresses his new life up North with his girl, learning French and appreciating the city life in MTL.

Unlike most local artists who spend very little time seriously promoting their content, Cee quickly understood the importance of connecting with online media, and that’s how we found out about him. That’s also how he connected with Dr. MaD – they met through a chain of events facilitated by Miami blog Kevin Nottingham.

The EP nods to Montréal’s founding generation with a song featuring the legendary D-Shade, and to the younger generation with verses from Alaiz affiliates Green Hypnotic and .nox.

With their strong work ethic and love of music that is fully showcased in this new EP, Cee & Dr. Mad are set to reach new heights.


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  1. Big Cee says:

    Respect for the love, y’all!

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