Sho Skrilla – P.A.I.D. [Album]

Sho Skrilla from P.A.I.D. (Poets Affiliated In Development) just released the solo album P.A.I.D. Besides being one of the chillest dudes I’ve ever met, he is a hard working MC who’s been through a lot and pushes constantly his struggle through rap music. Starting his own group in Boston back in 2001, P.A.I.D. has made affiliations […]

Jurassic 5 – The Way We Do It [Videoclip]

After a long absence, Jurassic 5, also known as J5, strikes with this new vid, The Way We Do It. The L.A. group hit the snow for this visual, bringing the back-to-back verses from all members. The track was one of four songs produced by legend Heavy D (R.I.P.) during J5’s Feedback (2006) album recording […]

Chicago’s The Palmer Squares Embark on First Canadian Tour With Stops in Montreal, Kingston, Toronto & London

Chicago’s underground rap scene is like no other, with insanely talented acts like Kanye West and Chance The Rapper who have exploded onto the mainstream, and other polarizing figures like Chief Keef who have definitely changed the way we view violence in America. You’ve really got every polar opposite, from conscious to knocked out unconscious. The Palmer […]

Babylon Warchild Feat. Solomon Childs & Starang Wondah – Blind Swordsmen [Videoclip]

Toronto group Babylon Warchild releases this new unusual concept video Blind Swordsmen along with Wu-affiliate Solomon Childs and O.G.C. member Starang Wondah. It’s great to see how Babylon Warchild has made international connects with big names and making their mark after so many years in the game. The animation on this vid was made by […]

Beeyoudee – Talents Disparus Vol. 2 [Compilation]

Le rappeur de Québec Beeyoudee rend hommage aux artistes de la vieille garde le temps d’un mixtape. Talents Disparus Vol. 2 comprend des verses de Dramatik et J-Kyll de Muzion, 01Etranjj, Les Ambassadeurs, Showme et C-Drik, et la légende de Brooklyn Ruste Juxx, entre autres. C’est un voyage nostalgique dans le rap local des 90s et […]