Clams Casino Makes Beat Live On Youtube For Two Straight Days

Up-and-coming New Jersey producer Clams Casino is known for beautiful musical textures he creates by pushing buttons on a computer. Now he teamed up with HP with an exciting creative project called “2Days Beat” with vocalist Vic Mensa. “2Days Beat” is an interactive live video studio session where Clams  rips apart a bunch of samples […]

Piu Piu Beat Tape Vol. 3 [Beats]

A few years after the term was introduced into the collective musical psyche, “piu piu” is still going strong. Though its creators have moved away from soul-hop to create more fragmented, loqued-out textures and integrating trap and juke influences, the genre is still recognizable since it is based on a creative approach rather than a […]

Toro Y Moi Live at SAT Tomorrow [Event]

Fresh off his last release, Anything In Return, Chaz Bundick, also known as Toro Y Moi, will be in Montreal as part of his 34 stop tour of North American and European cities. Chicago-based indie rock band The Sea and Cake will be opening for the California Native eclectic musician. While his early work was […]

Study Based on Girl Talk’s Music Suggests Sampling Helps Sell Original Music

There is a new study disputing the claim that sampling may have harmful consequences on the authors of the original works used. While Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania DJ and producer Girl Talk’s mashups may sound completely normal for people who were born listening to Michael Jackson and MC Hammer, their use of samples still raises much controversy […]

Positive – #IAMPOSITIVE [Instrumental EP]

Positive from Made Of Stars takes the listener into outer space on this new trippy 3-track instrumental EP #IAMPOSITIVE. More info Facebook | Soundcloud