Maaaaad Beats – Ali Chaotik

ali chaotik

This last installment of “Maaaaad Beats” shows the final product of an instrumental that evolved in the hands of four local producers and one rapper. That rapper is Ali Chaotik, one of the city’s most positive representatives.   More info on Ali Chaotik: Twitter – @AliChaotik Facebook – Bandcamp –    

Manu Militari: Pas Down [Opinion]

manu militari

Depuis sa sortie contre les étudiants et le rap québécois, pas mal d’encre a coulé au sujet de la connerie de Manu Militari. Comme beaucoup d’autres, j’ai été stupéfait par ses commentaires comparant les étudiants à des bébés gâtés. Il a aussi insulté pas mal toute la population rap queb. C’est ainsi qu’on découvre le […]

Copyright Criminals (2009) [Documentality]

One thing is for certain, and George Clinton said it : ” Funk music is the DNA of Hip Hop”. What would Hip Hop music be without samples that patch up sounds from different sources to create something completely new? For our fourth chapter of Documentality, Elementality presents “Copyright Criminals”, a doc that explains the debate […]

Self Scientific feat. Kobe Honeycutt – Have Mercy (co-produced with Jay Electronica) [Audio]

self scientific single have mercy

DJ Khalil’s duo with Chase Infinite, Self Scientific, is back with a new single “Have Mercy”, which is co-produced by Jay Electronica. The Full Metal Jacket inspired cover art reflects the song’s militaristic flavor.   DJ Khalil and Chase Infinite go a long way. They paired up in 1994 as The Numbskulls and were discovered […]

Rape Ain’t Cool: Speaking Out Against Rick Ross’s Lyrics

rick ross

Rick Ross is in trouble, and this time it’s not gangsters who want to kill him over his fake lyrics. His lyrics condoning “date rape” are at the centre of a whole new controversy concerning rape culture. At the time this was posted, a petition out on had over 750 signatures (the goal is 1000) asking him […]