The Boombap Cats – The Antihero Project [album review]

anti hero project boombap cats

Logic Johnson joins Mehdi Cee and Johnny Illdigger from The Boombap Cats in The Antihero Project, an orwellian tale based on real-life human oppression. Mehdi Cee is as good as a writer as he is at freestyling, and this is the first time he gets to display his storytelling and lyrical ability. Logic Johnson is […]

Black Fashion Week in Montréal from May 15th to May 17th


The Black Fashion Week will be held for the first time in Montréal from May 15th to May 17th. After Prague and Paris, it is now our city’s turn to shed light on the fascinating world of Black & African fashion. Some of the world’s most widely recognized designers and models who draw inspiration from […]

Face to Face with J.O. the Corrupted [#MTL0505]

JO the corrupted Elementality interview

When Samir Ayachi hit me up to tell me about the #MTL0505 showcase starring J.O. The Corrupted, I knew I had to do this interview person. J.O. The Corrupted is a dedicated artist with a wide palette of influences that embodies the diversity of our city. His dual identity is part of his music that revolves […]

Indecent Xposure Presents: High Society with Kaytranada, High-Klassified, Static Gold, Oh No! Yoko & Quills

***Congrats to Alexandre Belkowski who won the pair of tickets for this venue*** Join the musical aristocracy this Friday April 19th with “High Society” brought to you by Indecent Xposure, with A-list performers Kaytranada, High-Klassified, Oh No! Yoko (Vancouver), Static Gold and Quills. The ticket is 10$ for two before 11 PM. We know this […]

Jay-Z Responds to Cuba Trip Criticism

Jay-z Beyonce Cuba Trip

We haven’t seen Cuban exiles get so fired up since Elián Gonzalez reached the shores of Florida. This time, the ridiculous US embargo on Cuba was put back on the spotlight when Jay-Z and Beyonce hit Havana for their 5-year wedding anniversary. The trip was part of a “people-to-people” program approved by the U.S. Treasury. […]