Hip Hop Artist Daybi Takes You Through Kanahwake [Short Film]

Though the Kanahwake Mohawk Reserve is situated only 20 minutes away from downtown Montreal, most Quebeckers have little knowledge of the Mohawk community’s traditions, history, and lifestyle. Eschewing stereotypical references to casinos, contraband cigarettes, and the politically charged debates over land rights which led to the infamous Oka Crisis of 1990, Montreal director and producer […]

“Tenemos que tomar responsabilidad de nuestra mente” Magnífico [Entrevista]

Con Mi Llegada, su primer esfuerzo como artista solo, Magnífico se consagra como uno de los voceros hispanas más destacadas en forma de rap en la ciudad de Montréal. Su mensaje es claro: hay que liberarse del sistema que nos oprime y buscar nuestro propio camino. El artista costaricense que ahora reside en Montréal contestó […]

Under Pressure 2014 Photo Recap

On August 10th and 11th, the Under Pressure International Graffiti Convention ran a 19th installment and topped the week-end with a legendary performance at Foufounes Électriques with the Godfather of Hip Hop, Afrika Bambaataa (see our interview here). There were awe-inspiring b-boy/b-girl competitions, skakeboard competitions, live musical performances, DJ sets and of course, graffiti all […]

Hip Hop Knowledge with Afrika Bambaataa [Interview]

Hip Hop is and has always been a youth phenomenon. From the block parties and Junior High School jams in the 70s to today’s electronic and trap scenes, a sea of teenagers flock to Hip Hop and make it a living and breathing culture. This explains in part why it’s mostly the older heads who stress the […]

Lyricest – Apocalypse [Album]

La semaine dernière, Lyricest a lancé son premier album Apocalypse. Malgré la mini-controverse lancée par le journaliste chroniqueur Mathieu Bock-Côté du Journal de Montréal entourant l’utilisation du franglais dans le rap queb jeu, on s’attendait à ce que Québecor couvre ce lancement d’album où l’anglais et le français se chevauchent comme s’il s’agissait d’une seule langue hybride/bâtarde. On […]