Elementality x Tech N9ne Interview

When we got an invitation to interview Tech N9ne, we were intrigued to find out who is the man behind the white paint, performing in front of huge crowds of juggalos and rap heads alike, from Kansas to Montreal and beyond. As we came across fans from all backgrounds who had enormous love for Tech […]

Study Based on Girl Talk’s Music Suggests Sampling Helps Sell Original Music

There is a new study disputing the claim that sampling may have harmful consequences on the authors of the original works used. While Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania DJ and producer Girl Talk’s mashups may sound completely normal for people who were born listening to Michael Jackson and MC Hammer, their use of samples still raises much controversy […]

“Sal Capone” Play Draws Inspiration From Villanueva Tragedy [Interview with playwright Omari Newton]

The Fredy Villanueva police shooting sent a ripple effect across Canada and sparked a deep reflexion on discrimination and abuse of authority towards people of colour. This was five years ago, an there is still  misconceptions and debate surrounding race relations in Canada, a topic many would rather ignore. “How come this is still happening?”, […]

Scynikal Puts The Mic Down

It’s a sad day for Montréal Hip Hop. Scynikal, known as one of the city’s hardest spitters, is retiring from rap. He recently announced his retirement on a Facebook post:   Please note that for all intents and purposes (Besides MurderFace) The self-proclaimed “Montreal Hip-Hop artist” and “Battle Rapper” known as Scynikal a.k.a. Villin Thomas is […]

Beeyoudee Lance Une Chanson Avec 50 Artistes Issus de 10 Pays

L’artiste de Québec Beeyoudee s’est livré à la tâche colossale de réunir 50 emcees et 6 DJ de 10 pays sur une seule chanson. Le Québec, les États-Unis, la France, l’Allemagne, la Tunisie, la Jamaïque, le Salvador, la Bosnie, la Croatie et la Nouvelle-Zélande sont tous représentés dans cet énorme posse cut d’une durée de […]