The Freshest Kids (2002) [DOCUMENTALITY]

Today, for the month of March, we present you the 3rd chapter of Documentality which will focus on one of the best documentaries ever made on b-boying, commonly known as breakdancing, about its birth and  role in the hip-hop movement. The Freshest Kids is a documentary produced by Eric Jones and Quincy Jones III that was […]

Conférence Piu Piu à l’Université de Montréal [20 février – 19h]

piu piu documentary

Depuis environ 2 ans, il y a quelque chose qui mijote dans la scène musicale montréalaise. Et ce n’est pas nécessairement les rappeurs qui portent le flambeau. Aujourd’hui, ce sont en grande partie les beatmakers, producteurs et pitonneurs professionnels sortant des sentiers battus qui font parler de la scène montréalaise à l’international. C’est un réseau […]

Bomb It! Street Art is Revolution [Documentality]

[B]omb It! is a 2007 documentary directed by filmmaker Jon Reiss that follows graffiti’s evolution into a worldwide cultural movement that goes outside the confines of traditional artistic standards. Contrary to popular belief, graffiti art as we know it didn’t begin in New York but in Philadelphia. Reiss filmed graffiti art in different countries around […]

Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap [Documentality]

Many have scrambled to understand musical cultures more in depth through the study and analysis of the roots, meaning, dynamic and influence of such movements. The history of African Americans is interwoven with musical movements which find their meaning in resistance and unity, such as Blues, Jazz and Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop is quite different in the […]