“Fork In The Road” Loe Pesci’s 1st video off Expensive Heat Vol. 1

Loe Pesci, one half of OG Hindu Kush and also the most known “bad guy” in the KOTD/Word Up! battle scene, released his music video for “Fork In The Road” off Expensive Heat Vol.1. Loes gets on a personal level while delivering on point lyrical skills and witty punchlines over an Alchemist instrumental. Though he […]

Mystico (Costa Rica) Saca nuevo Clip “Hip Hop una adicción”

Mystico de Costa Rica nos presenta su nuevo videoclip “Hip Hop una adicción” bajo el sello Resistencia Subversiva y producido por Enrique Castillo. En este tema podrán ver su pasión hacia la cultura, un flow bien definido, el uso de un beat underground de Raza Beats y diferentes escenarios callejeros. Mystico no es alguien nuevo […]

The Fusionists – Smile [Official Video]

“What makes you smile?” -To see kids from our city make positive music and reflect on their experiences, that’s what makes me smile. The Fusionists is a promising musical youth project started at the NoBadSound Studios and the Maison des Jeunes de Côte-des-Neiges, where workshops are given to assist the youth in Hip-Hop music creation. […]

Black Glovez : Sure Thing [Official Music Video]

On X-mas, Black Glovez released the new video for “Sure Thing”, where they lay punches and talk street knowledge over a soulful strings-sample beat by Ips. Elonskee, TruthVybez and Generale Q are back at it with a lot of word play and it’s refreshing to hear a soulful East Coast flavor on a Montréal underground […]

Illmaculate X Lawz Spoken – Walk On Water (Official Video Clip)

Battle legend and seasoned Portland rapper Illmaculate does not shy away from religious themes. He warns: “This’ll put the fear of god in em”. Though he can’t walk on water like some of the illest Kung Fu Masters, Buddhist Monks and Christ himself, his penmanship and bar level make it seem like he can pull […]