Budz & High Q – Eyes Low [Video]

Situated in the heart of Pointe-Saint Charles, Make Way Studios has become a staple of our city’s expanding English rap scene. Emcees like Clarity, DZO aka Orphan, bookworm. and many more have recorded there and collaborated with Budz, who is the studio’s in-house sound engineer and also a talented rapper. With Eyes Low, an ode to the feeling […]

Lil Supa’ – Fe de Errata [Video]

Business As Usual – The Come Up [Video]

Kitchener, Ontario duo Tyma & Maximilian – who together are Business As Usual (B.A.U.) is making sure everyone knows they are on The Come Up. The pair have more than a rap group in common, they are actually siblings and were born two years a part, on the same day. In the video they are […]

“Crows:” [Abstract Artform, Mumbles and Co-pilot] – As the Crow Flies

Winnipeg rapper Abstract Artform is collaborating with Swedish producers Mumbles & Co-pilot on their new project Crows:, which includes different versions of the same mellow introspective track. As The Crow Flies is the name of the song, which reflects on fatherhood and the life cycle. Take a look at the video for the raw version: The “Crows:” […]

Facekché ft. DJ Fade Wizard – Troublant [Extrait de l’album Quebec Gold]

Avec Quebec Gold, HHQC nous livre un autre lourd album de compilation de rap québécois inspiré du concept de La Force du Nombre sorti en 2010. Référence au produit du terroir local, l’album inclut 18 collaborations inédites entre artistes de renom dans la Belle Province, dont Manu Militari, Taktika, Soké, le 13e étage, Le Chum […]