Tek Luciano – Mr. Policia [Video]

As you may already know, there seems to be a two tier legal system for civilians and police officers. Some of those who are meant to enforce the law end up baffling it by abusing their power, causing the tragic deaths of innocent civilians, mostly from racial minority groups. Montreal spitter Tek Luciano, who was recently […]

Dramatik lance l’album Radiothérapie ce soir

Dramatik, poids lourds du rap québécois depuis les années 90, lance ce soir son deuxième album Radiothérapie, faisant suite à Boîte Noire (2009), sorti également sous Disques 7e Ciel. Le rappeur d’origine haïtienne, qui s’est fait connaître avec le groupe Muzion, est de retour avec un son qui plonge dans les influences old school, tout en se gardant proches des […]

Chicago’s The Palmer Squares Embark on First Canadian Tour With Stops in Montreal, Kingston, Toronto & London

Chicago’s underground rap scene is like no other, with insanely talented acts like Kanye West and Chance The Rapper who have exploded onto the mainstream, and other polarizing figures like Chief Keef who have definitely changed the way we view violence in America. You’ve really got every polar opposite, from conscious to knocked out unconscious. The Palmer […]

Babylon Warchild Feat. Solomon Childs & Starang Wondah – Blind Swordsmen [Videoclip]

Toronto group Babylon Warchild releases this new unusual concept video Blind Swordsmen along with Wu-affiliate Solomon Childs and O.G.C. member Starang Wondah. It’s great to see how Babylon Warchild has made international connects with big names and making their mark after so many years in the game. The animation on this vid was made by […]

The Shadow Hunters Lanzan Un Primer Album

Después de una larga espera, es un placer compartir el nuevo album epónimo de nuestros hermanos The Shadow Hunters. Con la participación de Grifos, Brown Bonez, Conde Artifex, Yos-B, Jazor, Mimo, Wicho, Paranoize, Pinto & Diablo Pablo, The Shadow Hunters hacen una mezcla interesante de estilos y origenes que se juntan para formar una fuerte […]