“Sal Capone” Play On Hip Hop & Discrimination is Tragically Funny [Review]

As I walked into the MAI, a small theatre on Jeanne Mance in the McGill Ghetto, the set was unlike I had ever seen it before. There was graffiti painted all over the walls, a dumpster and a young man who blended into the scenery. There was also a transgender street walker addressing herself straight at […]

Elementality Fall 2013 Podcast

The team is back for this Elementality Podcast Fall Edition. This podcast was made for all our supporters and people following us, much love. Local & international music, classics and much more. Don’t miss it.

Sans Pression – Bugz Bunné [Video]

Sans Pression Bugz Bonné Vagabond ma religion

Dead Obies – Montréal $ud [Video Clip]

“Sal Capone” Play Draws Inspiration From Villanueva Tragedy [Interview with playwright Omari Newton]

The Fredy Villanueva police shooting sent a ripple effect across Canada and sparked a deep reflexion on discrimination and abuse of authority towards people of colour. This was five years ago, an there is still  misconceptions and debate surrounding race relations in Canada, a topic many would rather ignore. “How come this is still happening?”, […]