Elementality Fall 2013 Podcast

The team is back for this Elementality Podcast Fall Edition. This podcast was made for all our supporters and people following us, much love. Local & international music, classics and much more. Don’t miss it.

Shogunna Drops New Raw D.O.P.E. Mixtape [Interview]

For a while, Los Angeles has been the trampoline for Asian artists trying to make it in the very saturated U.S.A. rap market. Originally from Queens, NY, Shogunna moved to L.A. some time ago. Living in Hip Hop’s two most competitive cities has made him a seasoned veteran in dropping quality bars on a constant […]

Delirium Tremenz (Colombia) – Que Tras Que [Videoclip]

Beeyoudee Lance Une Chanson Avec 50 Artistes Issus de 10 Pays

L’artiste de Québec Beeyoudee s’est livré à la tâche colossale de réunir 50 emcees et 6 DJ de 10 pays sur une seule chanson. Le Québec, les États-Unis, la France, l’Allemagne, la Tunisie, la Jamaïque, le Salvador, la Bosnie, la Croatie et la Nouvelle-Zélande sont tous représentés dans cet énorme posse cut d’une durée de […]

Exclusive interview with Nachtkruper (Belgium)

Julius Caesar had said that of all the Gaul tribes, the ones hailing from Belgium were the bravest. To date, the statement resonates within the country’s rap community, which has very skilled French and Flemish spitters. After collaborating with Lord Lhus, Nachtkruper turned a few heads here in North America where there is absolutely no […]