FlamesYall feat. Cee, Worgie Beats, Daryl S. Tattoo – Prom Night [Video]

Cricket is not the only thing connecting different countries from the Commonwealth. Thanks to the Internet, rap is reviving old colonial ties. Your favorite Aussie Montrealer Cee teamed up with UK hip hop producer FlamesYall for Prom Night, with Worgie Beats and Daryl S. Tattoo on the guitars. The single was initially released on Soundcloud, but now we’ve […]

Rockin Squat – Intestable (prod. MO’CA$HMO)

팔로알토 (Paloalto) – 또 봐 (See You Again) [Video] (South Korea)

I love Korean rap. I dig the vibe and once you build your way into the numerous popular and underground artists, there’s no way turning back. On this ocassion, Korean rapper 팔로알토 (Paloalto) brings this new video “또 봐” (See You Again) with a very Jazzy vibe and 아름다운 한국인 여자들 (Beautiful Korean women). This […]

도끼 (Dok2) – My Dreams Come True [Video] (South Korea)

도끼 (Dok2) is a well respected rapper with a long way in the South Korean (한국) Hip-Hop scene, and not only there, but he’s been doing it internationally as well. This video’s name is “My Dreams Do Come True” and was recorded in Paris. It contains several scenes of him performing on stage, in interviews […]

Markito – El Clonaje Documental Part 1 [Documentality]

Después de sacar tres albums en un año, Markito/MRK/Mr. Hoodz es uno de los raperos más underrated de centroamerica. Al mismo tiempo, hay un consensus entre muchos emcees conocidos de habla hispana: Markito es de los mejores. El flow y metrica lirical de este artista guatemalteco viviendo en Montréal han hecho de él una inspiración […]