Akil Ammar & Lengualerta – Manos Vacias [Video]


Directo desde Medellin, Colombia, Prodemm presenta este nuevo EP Profeta De Mi Mundo. Prodemm lleva ya un tiempo haciendo ruido en la escena underground Colombiana y ha trabajado con artistas tales como Mr. More, Big Killa, Monkylaz Beats, entre otros. Este EP estuvo grabado, mezclado y masterizado por Mr. More de Mandrágora Records y cuenta […]

Elementality’s Most Popular Posts of 2013

It has been a great year for Elementality. We got the chance to meet and work with a whole bunch of really cool people from Montréal and all over the map ! We reached our biggest milestone yet: Elementakiza/Hip Hop You Don’t Stop 2013, a taco BBQ & Hip Hop event at Girouard Park. We […]

Notion – Pride on my Cufflinks EP

The Movement Fam is an actual family of Australian rappers – two brothers, Notion and Cee, who moved to Toronto and Montreal in the past couple of years. Cee recently worked with Dr. Mad and they released their collaboration EP called Steps to the Peak, and the Melbourne native has been getting accolades for his […]

Narcicyst – We Are The Medium EP

Communications specialists (which at this point includes everyone with a Twitter account) will revel in this new Narcy EP that references Marshall McLuhan’s most famous quote: “The message is the medium”. Known for multitasking between rap, academia, activism and journalism, The Narcicyst knows a thing or two about becoming the media. Since moving to Dubai, he’s […]