Illmaculate X Lawz Spoken – Walk On Water (Official Video Clip)

Battle legend and seasoned Portland rapper Illmaculate does not shy away from religious themes. He warns: “This’ll put the fear of god in em”. Though he can’t walk on water like some of the illest Kung Fu Masters, Buddhist Monks and Christ himself, his penmanship and bar level make it seem like he can pull […]

Big K.R.I.T. – Rich Dad Poor Dad (Official Video Clip)

Pitchfork.TV presents this new video clip with strong imagery for Big K.R.I.T.’s “Rich Dad Poor Dad” off his debut album “Live From The Underground”, released in June 2012. It takes you deep into the South and is the perfect backdrop for his personal statement. This is 100% Big K.R.I.T., for those who weren’t aware of the […]

Entrevista con OZO (Colombia): “El cambio empieza desde uno mismo”

Definitivamente un artista que quisiera recomendar y a quien le tengo mucho respeto es OZO (Colombia). Tomando en cuenta que acabó de sacar su EP “Tras El Encierro”, aproveché para hacerle una entrevista y de esta manera presentárselo a quien no lo conoce. Dando click en la portada del EP, podrán desgargar Tras El Encierro […]

FM Hi Low – More than a pretty face

There are many things out there to help compensate for the lack of sun right now. While some opt for multi-vitamins to curb their natural tendency to want to hibernate, I am more the type to replenish my feel-good music library. To each his own medicine. MTL reggae fusion band FM Hi Low has had a great couple […]