Markito – El Clonaje Documental Part 1 [Documentality]

Después de sacar tres albums en un año, Markito/MRK/Mr. Hoodz es uno de los raperos más underrated de centroamerica. Al mismo tiempo, hay un consensus entre muchos emcees conocidos de habla hispana: Markito es de los mejores. El flow y metrica lirical de este artista guatemalteco viviendo en Montréal han hecho de él una inspiración […]

Court Documentaire sur le B-Boy Vicious [Documentality]

Piu Piu, a film about Montreal beat scene (part 1) [Documentality]

Planet Rock – The Story of Hip Hop and the Crack Cocaine Generation [DOCUMENTALITY]

planet rock ice t

On this new chapter of Documentality, we present Planet Rock – The Story of Hip Hop and the Crack Cocaine Generation (2011), another documentary narrated by Tracy Marrow a.k.a Ice-T. The documentary film shows how the drug has had an impact on the culture, as well as how using crack cocaine effects your body and mind. This […]

Copyright Criminals (2009) [Documentality]

One thing is for certain, and George Clinton said it : ” Funk music is the DNA of Hip Hop”. What would Hip Hop music be without samples that patch up sounds from different sources to create something completely new? For our fourth chapter of Documentality, Elementality presents “Copyright Criminals”, a doc that explains the debate […]