Montréal Popper Greenteck wins Juste Debout Competition (Bercy/France)

ness & greenteck

This past Sunday, Montréal Popper Greenteck (aka Maxim Green) caught the eye of the global Hip-Hop dance community gathered at Juste Debout 2013, by winning the Popping tournament alongside his partner-in-crime Ness (LA). Juste Debout is an important event in the Urban Dance world and gathers over 3000 dancers and over 15 000 spectators in Bercy, […]

B-Girl Terra, 6 Year-Old Breakdance Sensation

b girl terra

Every year, the French B-Boy community gathers at the Chelles Battle Pro to see some of the best Hip-Hop dance crews compete. This year, a  young star was born, 6 year-old b-girl Terra from Wolverhampton, UK. She delivered a surprising series of complex power moves and amazing attitude that quickly made her a crowd favorite […]

The Freshest Kids (2002) [DOCUMENTALITY]

Today, for the month of March, we present you the 3rd chapter of Documentality which will focus on one of the best documentaries ever made on b-boying, commonly known as breakdancing, about its birth and  role in the hip-hop movement. The Freshest Kids is a documentary produced by Eric Jones and Quincy Jones III that was […]

DeaD AnglE CreW [B-boy] au Festival Montréal en Lumière

dead angle b boying crew

Le “popping” est un art du mouvement fascinant à voir. Peut-être il n’a pas l’air aussi difficile à exécuter que le headspin et d’autres techniques du B-boying plus populaires mais ne soyez pas dupes, c’est un art en soi et ça prend une technique impeccable. DeaD AnglE CreW est l’un des collectifs montréalais s’ayant le plus […]