Starrlight – Guided By The Stars Ft. DJ Native [Audio]

Homie Starrlight doesn’t stop. She hits us with this new banger Guided By The Stars featuring DJ Native. It was recorded at East Garden Music and produced by Bass’n Shaw. Don’t forget to check out our exclusive written interview with her published a couple of months ago. More information on Starrlight Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Wyze Mindz – Tha Chroniclez Vol. 1 [Mixtape]

When it comes to underground rap, Wyze Mindz have been at it for some time already. The South Carolina group, formed by Unkn?wn & Apacalypze bring this new free mixtape Tha Chroniclez Vol. 1. This mixtape features unreleased tracks that were not included in three of their albums, Universal Invasion (2007), World Meltdown (2010), and Return […]

Sho Skrilla – P.A.I.D. [Album]

Sho Skrilla from P.A.I.D. (Poets Affiliated In Development) just released the solo album P.A.I.D. Besides being one of the chillest dudes I’ve ever met, he is a hard working MC who’s been through a lot and pushes constantly his struggle through rap music. Starting his own group in Boston back in 2001, P.A.I.D. has made affiliations […]