Ian Kamau – You, I (Prod. Jai Nitai Lotus) [Audio]

It doesn’t get more soulful than this. Ian Kamau, who hails from Toronto, met Jai Nitai Lotus in Montreal in 2012 and ever since, they have wanted to collaborate together musically. That happened this summer, when Kamai came back to the city. He linked up with the rapper/producer and he recorded the vocals for You, I […]

DIAZ – Don’t Stop [Audio] (Spanglish track)

Homie DIAZ comes out with this new track in Spanglish called Don’t Stop. It’s not the first time T-Dot rapper releases a track in Spanish but this one makes a fluid mix of languages. Chill vibe and tight flow are characteristic of DIAZ’s style. This track was produced by MrMRTNZ and it’s available for free […]

Jay M Vee – Mr. Hater [Audio] (Colombia, all-english track)

Haters, keep hatin’. The Colombian Hip-Hop veteran Jay M Vee has uploaded the track Mr. Hater to soundcloud. This track is featured in his latest album A.B.T.B. (Alwayz Better Than Before) released last year. Even though Jay M Vee usually raps in Spanish and busts a couple of rhymes in English, this is an interesting […]

Cannonhead – Thought I Told You [Audio]

As they prep for their first full on release, the homies from Cannonhead are dropping a sneak peak of what is to come with Thought I Told You. The track samples Told You So by Montreal’s own Akua Carson, independent artist and back-up singer for Solange Knowles. If you haven’t seen their visuals for Thanks for the […]

Lyricest – Apocalypse [Album]

La semaine dernière, Lyricest a lancé son premier album Apocalypse. Malgré la mini-controverse lancée par le journaliste chroniqueur Mathieu Bock-Côté du Journal de Montréal entourant l’utilisation du franglais dans le rap queb jeu, on s’attendait à ce que Québecor couvre ce lancement d’album où l’anglais et le français se chevauchent comme s’il s’agissait d’une seule langue hybride/bâtarde. On […]