Catch Clarity’s Last Montreal Show with The Bodega Brothers, Cee & Notion

Montreal’s punk rapper with green hair, Clarity, is moving to the shitty of Toronto. From age 17, we’ve seen him perform at open mics, shows and other impromptu freestyle sessions. Now he’s packing his bags and leaving for good. Toronto the good, that is.

If you want to see him perform for one last time before he jets, head to O Patro Vys where he’ll be launching a mixtape including some of the songs that will appear on his debut album. This show is part of the Blood, Sweat and Beers tour with The Movement Fam, composed of Aussie brothers Cee & Notion, and The Bodega Brothers, a band of three emcees from different cities in the USA. Montreal’s underground rap fans will have one final moment of Clarity before he leaves us for the city we love to hate.

Needless to say, this shit is unforgivable. So head to O Patro Vys on Thursday June 26th to spit in his face in person and show him how deeply you hate Toronto.

***Update : for those who can’t detect sarcasm when they see it, here’s one of those instances.***

Clarity Says Goodbye

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