bookworm. – Due Time [Album]

MC and comedian bookworm. from Defective Collective Crew released a solo project called Due Time. It’s an interesting mixture between comedy, boom bap, hardcore, word play, smoking weed, and much more. As he would describe it:

“This album is for people into the following: Comedy, Tragedy, Dinosaurs, Nihilism, Lasers, Self exploration (all kinds  ), Word play, Spaceships, Literature, Star Wars, Satan, Farts, The Apocalypse, Funk, Hating rap music, Loving hip hop music, backflips, Laughmatic, frontflips, worms, books, aliens, and good ol’ fashion fun!

Not for people into; Clubbing, Songs about fucking, being serious, adhering to rules, authority, money money money money, littering, cats (okay maybe cats are fine), and good ol’ fashion not fun.”

Peep the album and support it. It’s a worthy addition to any self-respecting Hip Hop music collection. It includes features from Mogli Da Foulchild, DJ Slam, Enemy, Jay DaVille, Dirtnap, BK, Alien Ultra, Mille Rosado, and Poetic Justiz. It was mixed and edited by bookworm., mastered by Mr. Debauch, artwork by Rawssi.

bookworm. will be performing with Defective Collective Crew at Under Pressure 2014’s closing show with Afrika Bambaataa at Foufounes Électriques. Be there!

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