Bomb It! Street Art is Revolution [Documentality]

[B]omb It! is a 2007 documentary directed by filmmaker Jon Reiss that follows graffiti’s evolution into a worldwide cultural movement that goes outside the confines of traditional artistic standards.

"Bomb-It - Street Art is revolution. A Film by Jon Reiss" | DVD

Art is a weapon

Contrary to popular belief, graffiti art as we know it didn’t begin in New York but in Philadelphia. Reiss filmed graffiti art in different countries around the world and interviewed artists who risked public censorship, police brutality, incarceration and near-death experiences in the name of graffiti.

The first graffiti artists that began tagging during the 1970’s in Philadelphia as a way of putting their name all around the city to mark their existence, are interviewed in this documentary to show the origins of the graffiti movement, and its role building Hip-Hop culture. The filmmaker then discusses with artists from across the world about their art and the reasons why they chose bombing as their weapon of choice.

This documentary also shows the rebellion expressed through graffiti writing against ads visually assaulting us on a daily basis. The debate about what is public space and who has the right to interfere is revealed through interviews with graffiti artists and attorneys, anti-graffiti activists and citizens.



(El video incluye subtítulos en castellano)

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