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***We’re drawing two tickets for the Block McCloud & Blacastan show at Cabaret Underworld. Tickets cost 20$. Simply share this post and tag Elementality and Cold North Productions on Facebook to enter the draw! The winners will be randomly selected on July 2nd.***

Cold North Productions and Tomahok, in collaboration with Elementality, presents Block McCloud & Blacastan live at Cabaret Underworld. The opening acts are P.X.C (Lil 1,Soljis,Xino), Tek Luciano and Jay DaVille from Top Totck Trax. If you’re

Block McCloud is widely known for his crazy demeanor as a solo artist and as a member of Army of the Pharaohs, a hard core rap super group. Blacastan is an underground legend coming from Hartford, CN, and has collaborated with 7L, DJ Doom, Esoteric, Apathy and many more.

Blacastan – The Booth


Block McCloud

P.X.C. (!/PXConnection?fref=ts)

P.X.C. is very proactively making a lot of noise for Park X and the Greek Community. Check out their website which lets you know what’s going on in Greek Hip Hop from Athens to Montreal. Here’s Xino’s new video clip “Colors”. Click here for their other recent videos.


Tek Luciano (



Jay DaVille (!/JayDaVille514?fref=ts)


Click on the image to see the Facebook event page:

block mccloud


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