Big KRIT : Live from the Underworld [Show Review]

As he preps for the release of his Cadillactica album, Big KRIT stopped at Cabaret Underworld and showed his fans once again that he is a king remembered in time.

Big KRIT Pay Attention Tour

One year and a half after his debut album Live from the Underground, the rap star still has all of the hunger and passion that made him successful when he was first noticed. Though he is still considered an underdog, the Misssissippi rapper attracted a large amount of fans who seemed to know his lyrics by heart. Who ever thought rap fans would be so fond of country music?

Openers include special guest group Two-9, and local acts Jei Bandit, The Label of Creation and Ottawa’s Armel Kaz. We got there unfortunately too late to hear everyone play, when we got there Two-9 was finishing their set, which led to a DJ interlude with Southern bangers to hype the crowd up as they waited for Krizzle.

Big KRIT Pay Attention Tour

Around 11:30, security and cameramen approached the stage as we heard the Mount Olympus intro he plays at every stop of his Pay Attention tour. Then, KRIT got everyone going with the What’s a King Without a Crown chorus. He proceeded to play almost all of his club friendly hits and car bangers, like Country ShitCool to be Southern, My Trunk, I Got This and many more.

He showed gratitude for being back in Montreal and gave a heartfelt shout out to all of his fans who have been there since the release of his mixtape KRIT Wuz Here and even before that. Though there were some sound issues at the venue, he didn’t let this phase him and showed humility and professionalism.

During his performance of R.E.M., the crowd was very receptive when he shouted: “Fuck a reality show, I rather do a tour”. That seems to be one of the punchlines that best describe his attitude; he really is interested in connecting at a core level with his audience rather than being a puppet for the music industry.

He topped his set with songs that put forth his vocals over a minimal beat, like The Vent and Mount Olympus. His intensity and raw emotion are part of his recorded legacy, and now we know it’s also part of his live persona. He proceeded to shake hands and take pictures with some fans who stayed until the end.

Montreality and MTL Blog also had rave reviews of this show.

Big KRIT Pay Attention Tour

Photo Credit: Reyginald Aarestrup



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