BET Blocks Canadian Rapper Corey Charron From Performing at Annual Cypher

Looks like BET has issues with letting White Canadian rappers win competitions on its shows. After Ottawa battle rapper Corey Charron won the Freestyle Friday competition on 106 and Park, he was given a 5000$ cheque and promised a spot on the network’s annual freestyle cypher alongside Kendrick Lamar, Action Bronson, Lil Kim and many more big names.

On Monday, BET released the list, but it didn’t include his name on the bill, though it was agreed upon on his contract.

Though he did receive the $5000 payment, he wasn’t invited to the contractually promised annual cypher. He argues that the reason why is simple; he is a White Canadian who beat everyone at a Black American show.


Post by Corey Charron.

Charron isn’t the first Canadian rapper to have issues with the Viacom-owned network. KOTD founder Organik mentioned that one of the reasons why he chose to create King Of The Dot was to avoid getting screwed over again by TV execs. He had won two tournaments on BET and hadn’t received compensation.

Some threads have mentioned that it shouldn’t be a race thing and that BET and MTV execs are notorious for screwing people over, black or white.

Many people in the battle world have commented the situation on Twitter:



Charron was the youngest rapper to participate in KOTD and his flips and quick-witted freestyle abilities made him one of the most entertaining in the league and also on MuchMusic. Though he is considered more of a joker and has a scrawny allure, he is still one of the most competitive emcees out there. Last week, his World Domination 3 battle against  DNA dropped, and it confirms he is still one of Canada’s dopest rap battlers.

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  1. Vance Green says:

    That’s effed up! He should have sued them for Breach of Contract! Do it.

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