Battle Rap Reaches New Heights: Will KOTD Live Up To The Hype?

The King Of The Dot chain has been circulating for a while now, only defended once by Hollohan aka God. Since then, it’s weight applied pressure on quite a few necks, some heavier than others. Kid Twist, Thesaurus, Arcane, Bender and Sketch Menace preceded Porich, who just took it recently from Calgary’s Sketch Menace. As the rest of the league scrambles for a title shot in their 1-on-1 tournament with 32 MCs, Thesaurus and PumpkinHead (PH), fight for a chance to battle Porich for the chain. The winner of that battle gets to face the MC who will be able to leave a dent in the Grand Prix Tournament. This is a good place to start if you haven’t followed KOTD’s recent battles, and the next few rounds in the Grand Prix promise to bring interesting clashes of styles, with the bars-over-jokes style that up-and-comer 100 Bulletz and veteran Arcane have to bring, and classic comedians like Kid Twist and Charron. KOTD is at the crossroads where it has to live up to the hype built by its veterans while adapting to a changing and much wider market than in the past. After Drake co-sponsored the battle between DNA and Dizaster, now it is Canibus who will enter the ring and battle Diz in what is one of the most anticipated clashes in rap battle history. The acappela rap battle form has taken new directions with Youtube, becoming more scripted and reference-rich, and is now taking new forms which resemble the glory of boxing, before politics and divas like Floyd Mayweather made it as entertaining as watching CPAC. Will the Canadian league live up to the hype, while not succumbing to petty stardom from the newly-famed battle stars? The picture will be much clearer in the next few events, as KOTD assumes its new spot as the biggest battle league in the world.

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