Ain’t Nothin’ But Punchlines: A Night Of Dirty Comedy & Hip-Hop #4

Ain’t Nothin’ But Punchlines: A Night Of Dirty Comedy & Hip-Hop #4 – Thursday Oct. 4th

On Thursday October 4th, be sure not to miss the 4h edition of “Ain’t Nothin’ But Punchlines: A Night Of Dirty Comedy & Hip-Hop” at Cabaret Underworld.

Punchlines is now at its fourth installment and has become a staple for Montréal’s comedy and rap scene, with English-speaking headliners coming from all sorts of styles. This edition brings you rap headliners Tyco (Epic Meal Time), Clarity, CL (Murderface) and Art Cons. Local comedians Jessica Salomon, Kris Dulgar and T.J. Hazelden, known for his video series Dinner with T.J., will be pushing the limits of decency. Since they share the stage with rappers, comedians tend to leave their dull material at home.

Jeremy Dobski, a.k.a. bookworm. is a comedian and rapper from the Defective Collective and was our special guest at our 7th podcast English Podcast (released last month). He was just telling me how Punchlines is different from a regular comedy event at a club.

“At a Hip-Hop event, no one wants to go to a show and watch a 40 year old dude talk about his kids”, he says.

As the name of the event suggests, there is a strong penchant for dirty comedy which blends with the more cut-throat, energetic rap style from acts like Murderface, and Art-Cons and the comedic value of performers such as Clarity and T-Cup, who headlined at previous nights.

The result is a diverse show that’s packed with punch.

“The show is made to allow for anything really. I ask the comics to bring dirty material so it relates well to Hip-Hop.”

DJ Fatsak will make sure you’re enjoying the night between the headliners.

It takes strong rap headliners to match the raw energy of a solid stand-up performance. Same goes for the comedians; after a all-killer-no-filler rap set, you expect to be entertained, or off with the jester’s head. If you enjoy comedy, or Hip-Hop, or both, you’re bound to find your fair share of good material.

The cover charge is 5$.

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