Afrotronix at SAT

AfrotroniX : The Future is Now [Nov. 15 @ SAT]

This Saturday, AfrotroniX will be taking over the SAT (Société des Arts Technologiques – 1144 Boul. Saint Laurent), with a unique mixture of tribal African rhythms with electronic music, modern choreographies and impressive visuals by Baillat Cardell et Fils (David Guetta, Ariane Moffatt).

AfrotroniX is the solo project manned by Caleb Rimtobaye, bandleader of African music band H’Sao (Nuits D’Afrique/Mundial Montreal). Having already experimented with what is widely known as “world music”, Rimtobaye decided to take a different approach and push his creativity to its final frontier. The result is an eclectic and futuristic celebration of freedom and the limitless possibilities, for Africa, but also way beyond the continent that birthed humanity.

Azaba is one of his more recent video clips, and it’s a great example of how this Montreal artist has been able to make something completely original – outside of traditional genres.

On November 15th, as of 9 PM, the SAT will be the home of an emotional and musical stampede.

To obtain tickets via the Société des Arts Technologiques, simply click here. For more information, be sure to visit AfrotroniX’s official website and the event’s Facebook page.

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