“Street Art Bogota” Picture Book by Christopher Burke [Colombia]

Something I find very interesting, is that passion and interest foreign people have for Colombian culture. It’s very rewarding for us Colombians to have people who appreciate and fall in love with our country which has both great and bad realities. I want to share this newly published book (February 1, 2014) by Christopher Burke, […]

Jazor Ollintzin – Fatality [Audio]

Falsos profetas, charlatanes y fake emcees ahora tienen por qué esconderse. Lllegó el cazador Jazor Ollintzin (G2H/Shadow Hunters/Elementality), y tiene ganas de vengarse por lo que hicieron a su amada cultura Hip Hop. Todavía no sabemos si Fatality hará parte de su próximo mixtape, pero sabemos que lo que se viene va a estar bien […]

Monk-e – Oasis (prod. Smilé Smahh) [Video]

Diaz feat. Che BLVD – The Ride [Video] (Toronto)

Every time Diaz hits the studio or the battles, I lay back and enjoy the ride. Here’s a new smooth one by Diaz featuring Che BLVD by the name of The Ride. This video was made by Fed Up Films with the assistance of MuchFACT (A Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent). It’ll most definitely be […]

Cousins DJ Crew Bring Queer Hip Hop Party to Sala Rossa [Feb. 20th]

Though Hip Hop has breached many barriers, there are still some challenges with accepting queer and gay people due to the homophobia that has seeped into the culture. Though the gay party scene is huge in Montreal, there’s not too many spaces for the LGBT community to jam out to their favourite rap, r&b, dancehall […]